Haiku My Heart: Machinery

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Static © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian.

teeth line up against
each other, biting sharply
gears turn in tandem


Anonymous said…

Rusty circles turn
Hope no spanner in the works
Keeps the running smooth

Hope Rebecca is ok.
Kim Mailhot said…
You feeling like a cog in the machine, Miss Meri ? You are so much more than just that. ;)
Gorgeous shot and perfect words.
Happy Friday to you !
rebecca said…
so many ways to read this....
it is a golden rusty image with strength and beauty.
and i love the word tandem.
the idea of how we all "work together".
certainly i love the way we can all work together....

thanks for your place in my heart...your beauty, generosity and strength.
Ileana said…
You found the perfect image for this one! I love it!!
Stephanie said…
I love industrial art like this...you've captured so much on so many levels here Meri.

I find this photo fascinating as well. It does communicate on many levels and I think that urban machinery and farm machinery have their own beauty--the shapes of the wheels and gears and the colors of the oxidized paint. I found this wonderful link. I thought you might like it.
http://kidronarts.blogspot.com/2009/05/farm-machinery-as-art.html Thanks for a great haiku, Meri and thank for your lovely and dear comment on my blog.
ms pie said…
the colors alone draw me to stare and remember each movement... as if the sting and caress of careful quick lasting love.. beautiful...
foxysue said…
'Iron sharpens Iron'

This is a beautiful image in the golden light.

There's a mill stream in my garden which leads to a historic working flour mill this machinery reminds me of the ambience of that place!

Thank you

Sue x
Naquillity said…
my gears are turning in tandem once again too after being sick (anemia). it feels great. hope all is well your way. have a great day.
Nanka said…
And perfect clockwork!! Old but still going in tandem :) Lovely Haiku!!
Boonie S said…
Great picture. Fascinating post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie
Gattina said…
Beautiful picture ! very creative !

Tomorrow is the first December, Christmas is approaching !

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