Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Should Be Dancin'

Well, piffle!

It's starting to snow and just looking out the window
makes me feel all shivery and cold.

I'm hoping it's polite little snow
that falls on the grass and not on my driveway
and definitely not on the streets.

But even if it behaves itself
and doesn't keep imposing its will on us
(do you hear me, Snow?)

I think I need an activity that will warm
me up and make me glow.
Glowing is good.

We should be dancing.

Oh yeah! 


Noelle Clearwater said...

Whoo-Hoo, Meri! Wild woman! Love the collage of your trip and the bee gees, well, hey who doesn't love that disco beat! I still remember. Great post. It was raining with lightning and thunder here last night but today the sky is blue. Makes me feel like dancing too!

Ruth said...

I love winter, I do. But this year I am a little afraid of the cold. And we've had a pretty warm November.

I so appreciate what you shared in your comment at sync today, what a story. I'm grateful for what you do in activism against violence against women.

deb did it said...

Holy Cow...SNOW? I just had a serious shiver up my spine....but maybe it was cuz now I am dancing in my chair!! What a FUN post!

rebecca said...

thanks for polite snow prayers...
and mostly for sweeping me off my feet, yet again!
delicious with a side of sultry!

EG CameraGirl said...

A little snow is nice. A lot of snow, not so much. I hope none fell on ypur streets! L)

Naquillity said...

dancing is always good. and the Bee Gees are great. i'm kinda wanting to see the first snow of the season here. but, like you, i don't want it to stick to the parts i need to drive on, :)

have a great night.

Carol said...

Love the snow! Great post, makes me want to dance!

Jeannie said...

Dancing is good but I'm better if no one is watching.

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Love it! That's right, we should be dancing.