Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moments of Joy

Yesterday I went to a meeting
where the first agenda item
was for everyone to relate
a moment of joy they'd experienced
since the committee had last gathered.
Only one? We last met two months ago!
How can I cast out all the moments of joy
to focus on only one?

Here are just a few moments of joy
in the last few weeks.

Watching Logan play at the Zoo.

Playing with blog friends
Deb and
on a most magical sojourn to Mexico.

The beat of the drums fueling the dance

Celebrating my paternal and maternal grandparents,
my mother-in-law, 
and Shadow (my cat who died in January) 
and Latté (my bichon friesé who died in June)
on the Day of the Dead altar in San Miguel
and inviting their spirits to be with me.

In my world view, the more you focus on joy,
the more joy you experience.

If I started a meme on JOY,
would you play along one day a week?
What day would be best?

Not Friday. Friday's for haiku.
Is there a day of the week
you'd like to focus on joy?


Expat From Hell said...

Funny. I was not in a particularly joyful mood when I opened your posting today, but I decided what the hell. And, now I get it. I can see the joy here. More importantly, I can feel it. You pick the day, my friend. EFH

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Any day is a day for joy!!! The choice is yours! Cathy

beth said...

i agree....just one ?

love the memories you've added to your life....

rebecca said...

you say when..

deb did it said...

J-O-Y.....everyday should be designated to that three letter word. But since Sundays will be Saints, Mondays are for Mexico, Tuesdays are Ruby, Fridays are Haiku Love.......I think Thursdays need some love and JOY! I love this joyful post...thank you Meri!
Today was a joyful post for me...with my Mom

Relyn Lawson said...

I love that about you. You have so much joy that you are overflowing. YES!! That's because you know how to live.