Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Ms. Mischief

I'm not usually naughty or the wild and crazy type.


I'm usually on the demure side
with a somewhat wicked sense of humor
lurking quietly below the surface.

But every now and then some trouble-maker
leads me astray.

"Will you take my picture kissing this statue?" asks Deb,
so sweetly that I succumb in a moment of weakness.


"How about another angle?"


"Your turn."

"But I'm not tall enough to kiss her."

This, after tiptoes proved inadequate
and no step-stool materialized.

"Well then, grab her butt."

Photo © 2010 by Deb Taylor

Or something............

Photo © 2010 by Deb Taylor

There's a disadvantage in being short
that should be apparent here.
It induces you to sacrifice your dignity
and sense of propriety.

Just call me Little Miss Mischief.

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As if this post weren't personal enough!

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ellen abbott said...

The secret life of Meri. who knew?

deb did it said...

Oh Meri, my darling, if only I had one more week with you...T-R-O-U-B-L-E! This is such a fun post....come on girl, start peeling off those layers...look at the adoring look in your eye...I see it! Love ya!

Noelle Clearwater said...

Oh this is just too fun! I wish I had been there! These photos were worth the entire trip, I am certain. The expression on both your faces is simply pricesless!

Jeannie said...

Ha! the kisses are sweet but the butt and boob grab make me happier - I was going to suggest it but you beat me to it.