Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letting Go

Let go. Why do you cling to pain?  
There is nothing you can do about
the wrongs of yesterday.
It is not yours to judge.
Why hold on to the very thing
which keeps you from hope and love?

                             -- Leo Buscaglia

We often cling to our memories,
even the painful ones,
because we don't know who we would be
without them.

We mistake our history
for our destiny.

It's time for me to invent new stories. 
Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

It takes courage to write a new story, to dare something different, to build new memories.

The investment pays lifelong dividends though, and it all starts with a Beginning.

ellen abbott said...

was this for me Meri?

beth said...

i think we fear letting go or moving forward....the unknown is scary they say....

but i always try new adventures. except in the winter when i'm told by everyone what a great bear i'd be since i have perfected the ability to hibernate....

Naquillity said...

how i love that top picture. makes me wish our trees had kept their colorful leaves a little longer. good luck with your new story. have a great day.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I'm joining you - I'm joining you!!
We'll have to dance knowing such freedom!!!!

Unknown said...

I have been on the same quest for some time now and am very proud of the forward steps I have taken.

Thank you for sharing.

deb did it said...

profoundly true. the time has finally come to LET GO...free fall...leap of faith...YOU GO GIRL.....I'm with ya!

rebecca said...

oh meri...
i am right beside you ready to

Anonymous said...

oh meri, this speaks right to my heart. i have been struggling with letting go for a while now... it is just so hard. i am still clinging on. but you are right. its because its part of my identity and i am scared of what the future holds if i let go.

Stephanie said...

It is so very hard...but you have such a WORLD awaiting you, to step into.


Bagman and Butler said...

Another truly beautiful post that makes me rue that fact that I can't follow my favorite bloggers as much as I would like. I, too, am in the process of jumping in -- planning to retire in March and wondering that I will miss, what I will find.

Noelle Clearwater said...

This is a wonderful post Meri. I love Buscaglia's writings and in fact had one of his quotes on my posterous blog yesterday. Great minds thing alike. (smile) I think that we can make new stories out of the old ones. The old hurts and the defenses they helped us create at one time served us quite well, but we must ask, as you say so well, do they serve us now? there is a therapist, Michael White, who died a couple years ago, but was the father of what is called narrative therapy. He would have his clients reinvent their lives by telling a new story, using pieces of the old to arrive at an entirely new perspective. He used some cognitive behavioral therapy to begin with but after that it was mostly working with their stories. he brought young people back from the brink of suicide and made people who were chronically ill desirous of living again. I have two of his books and my hope is to focus on that type of therapy in my practice. It doesn't work for everyone but I think that it has amazing possibilities for many. Remapping one's story is the thing rather than reinventing. Value what has happened to you in a new way.