Haiku My Heart: For Spadoman

Spadoman's daughter
taken away far too soon,
is not forgotten

She had a place of honor on
the Day of the Dead altar
in our little home-away-from-home
in San Miguel de Allende.

We hold you, her parents, in our hearts. 


Stephanie said…
Beautiful Meri, Joe will be so very touched.

Spadoman said…
How special is this? I can't think of how to thank all of you for allowing us, through Maggie, to make that journey with you. Many years ago when we learned about Los Dios and what it would mean to us in the years to follow, we never thought it would be so far reaching and bring us together with so many wonderful people.
We thank you and love you all in a very special way.

Peace to all.
Kim Mailhot said…
This is a beautiful, loving, kind gesture, Meri.
ms pie said…
a lovely treasure...
turquoise cro said…
Sending Love and prayers
It is beautiful. How very connected all of our souls are in this blog world and the world beyond it. Blessings on Joe and his dear family. What a lovely remembrance.
deb did it said…
This is so beautiful Meri. And Joe....you and your family were so present with us that trip. We mentioned you daily! PEACE.

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