Riding the Rails

"Raspberries" © 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

One of my neighbors to the north
and fellow blogger Delorse
 did a post about rail graffiti not too long ago.

She called these spray-painters "the cowboys of the Art World"
and likened boxcars to an art gallery riding the rails.

Now, as you can see, I was intrigued by boxcar graffiti last summer.
So I'm wondering --

would anyone play along if we had a day
(preferably when we'd all had some warm weather to go out shooting)
to post boxcar art photos?


A.Smith said…
Our last trip was by railroad to Wisconsin to Bead and Button. It was a great trip, but then again, I always love traveling by train. I am not sure I have seen any graffiti artistic or destructive or gang related lately. But I think that all forms of art have a place. That's the rebel speaking.
rebecca said…
take a look at leighanna lights blog,
ThiNg MaKer,

she has recently posted incredible pictures of shadow and light emboldened graffiti...of a favorite abandoned train yard.

beautiful and haunting.
HeartFire said…
Hi Meri,
Just catching up on blog reading! Thanks for mentioning me here... I do love graffiti, and have been thinking of a day out with my camera to find some...
I'm sorry about your beautiful kitty, I had one that looked very similar that died early last year, it's difficult losing a little 4 legged friend that has been a long time companion...
Relyn Lawson said…
OH, I have so much of your goodness to catch up on. I hate that I was gone for so long.

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