These Are My "Best of 2009"

I've been sorting and discarding
(sort of a photo purge)
but these are some of the keepers from 2009.

Hope you enjoy the show.


sperlygirl said…
oh so many beautiful gems here, meri, so many!!
Stunning Meri! You present such a variety of subject matter, style, composition. I would be SO proud of all of those. I do love them all but I always lean toward the ones that take the concrete and interpret it as abstract. Great work.
Susan Tuttle said…
definite keepers Meri:)

Fantastic show and pics! I'm still trying to organize and upload more of 2009 to Flickr. Now you have reminded me why I should! Love your "eye" for images.
A.Smith said…
I remember many years ago in college taking a photography class with a great teacher. Much to the despair of those of us who had inherited a Leica and were there, or so we thought, to learn how to used it, he made us take our first shots with a Brownie. Seriously. He said it wasn't the camera, it was the eyes of the soul that captured time in a piece of film.

These are the best examples I have seen of his theory lately. Great show and all of them keepers without a doubt.
Stunning photos. Great show.
OMG. My eyes usually overdosed when I saw your work one at a time...a slide show like this and I'll never recover. I either have to start looking harder through the lens of my own camera or simply throw it away. You are the goddess of light!
rebecca said…
goddess of light.
Judie said…
Meri...what a feast you have spread before our eyes! Truly these pictures are fine treasures and a glimpse of your very soul. Thank you for sharing.
ELK said…
itis so special to see them all in one spot together.

thanks for the visual feast

(I absolutely adore the monk in the tulip field taking a snap!)
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, Meri! I can't even watch the whole thing. I keep gasping and gasping. I'll have to go back again, but first I had to say WOW!!! WOWSER-WOWEE!!
Jennifer said…
Meri - I loved the show! You chose well. The ones from Egypt were particularly intriguing and inviting.

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