Tickled Pink

Such a girlie color.
One of my favorites.

Top row:  Chrysanthemum showoff
one of my Cinque Terre prints
Latin Dance Poster in Fremont District, Seattle

Middle Row: journal page collage background 
reflection photo taken at Seattle Center
reflection photo taken in Cabo San Lucas

Bottom row: one of the "Dancing" series images
Chihuly glass image layered with a reflection image
Seattle skyline taken through a glass panel
 at Seattle Art Museum's 
Sculpture Park

To see the rest of the lovely MONDAY MOSAIC play-alongs,
go to Mary's blog Little Red House.
She's the hostess with the mostest.
At last count, there were 98 people participating.

How about you?


rebecca said…
i could wrap myself up in all this
pinkolicious beauty.
Southerncook said…
Interesting and imaginitive mosaic. Just beautiful.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook
GardenOfDaisies said…
WOW! Amazing photography! Of course I love your subject matter... Seattle!!
Joyce said…
Lovin your pink today. It all looks lucious!
Deb said…
Such a pretty blog! Gorgeous Pink mosaic ♥ Thank you for stopping by today & your kind comment.
Meri, you take the most interesting pictures! I love your reflection shots, and also the bottom right corner, the Seattle needle picture -- so dreamy and beautiful!

Skills, girl, skills... you have them!

Stunning pictures, all of them.
I could look at those photos all day, the pink making me feel all warm and happy inside. Thank you for sharing.
Molly Anne said…
Oh lovely pinkness!
I especially like that reflection shot in the middle.
Foley said…
Wonderful pinks - such a beautiful mosaic!
ELK said…
meri your use of color and flow is astounding in this mosaic!
Meri said…
Thanks, everyone! I tried to answer you all individually and visit the blogs of everyone that was playing along. It's fun to see the different ways people put things together.
pink used to make me see red - in college (in the 70s)there was some anti-feminist/anti woman group, that always wore pink, I can't remember what they called themselves - among their campaigns was to stop the era - unfortunately a campaign they won!

finally after 20 years of avoiding pink I finally made peace with the color and must admit now I love it and I love how pink as been taken back by women who share real pro-women values - like equality & peace

but, I still can't believe we live in a country that never could get it together to pass an equal rights amendment!

love your mosaic mondays
Jeanne said…
Oh I love what you did here. The shots are all great and the way you put them together in an abstract fashion perfect! Fun color too.

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