Coming Alive

Don't ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs 
is people who have come alive.

-Harold Whitman

Sometimes it seems all too easy to go through life on autopilot.
Letting the busy take you from place to place,
not giving yourself a moment to consider
whether there is any quality in your harried life,
whether this is the way you really want to live.

I come alive when I stop and focus 
on the little surprises all around me,
when I let the sacred speak to me and through me.

When I connect with nature, even briefly.

When I am in a place that has a veil of holiness.

When I really listen to the sound of waves
dancing onto the land.

What makes you come alive?


All of the above Meri - I'm right there with you on the revitalizing force of nature.

The smiles, laughter and cuddles of my little grandaughters also make me feel so alive and so glad to be so!

An exciting thought or idea also makes my cells spin with delight.
ELK said…
really nice series of photos and thoughts...
thank you meri
beth said…
I'm a nature lover too....

and being with family really makes me come alive...

and make me really excited these days whether they are mine or belong to someone else.
wonderful musings and photos...they all resonated deep within my core.

oh, following up on a recent comment on the mouse you made - that is so incredible that you attended the memorial service for alice paul - there is someone who worked hard to guarantee we were all truly ALIVE
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

I'm a nature revitalized person too.

I love the fresh green of leafy leaves and plants and their smell...
and the wafts of gardenia floating up from my new gardens...

Happy days
A.Smith said…
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A.Smith said…
Pretty much the same things, plus listening unexpectedly somewhere the sound of a favorite piece of music, finding an old newspaper at an antique store published the day I was born, looking at the photo of a child and feeling my heart stirring with happy little jumps, reading blogs from friends who share their hunger for beauty and bring that beauty into my life with grace and generosity.

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