Self Portrait and Six Things

So I need to tell you six more
little known things about me.

2. I got to attend a film makers' breakfast
hosted by Robert Redford a few years ago.
(and his Levi's were 30/30s if I remember right
 and yes, ladies,
he had a great tush).

3.  I have an addiction to books
and should never be let loose at or Powell's Books in Portland.

4. I made my living writing for six years,
though at the time I considered it "practicing law."
I did legal analysis and wrote decisions and orders
for the Department of Energy's Office of Hearings and Appeals
in Washington, D.C.
(No clients, except pro bono ones, and
possibly the world's most boring set of legal regs.)

5. Right now I have two malfunctioning HP printers.

6. I was really bummed when Dreyer's
discontinued Ultimate Caramel Cup ice cream.

7.  I sometimes dream of things before they happen.


Anonymous said…
i love browsing through bookstores and amazon is very addictive, isnt it? i placed a new order with them for some books and am waiting impatiently for them to arrive. but the cheaper postage option takes 7 weeks to get here!!! three more week to go still.
kt said…
i have some things in common with you i lived in portland years ago and it was hard to get me out of powells, i love love books!!
my hp printer should be throw out put i still try to reason with it:)
i too have dreams like this.
i love your lists meri, oh by the way when is your cookbook coming out (hint hint)
Jennifer said…
I liked your "things," Meri, as well as the way your shared them. I am the same way about cooking: sometimes pretty damned great; and often just not that into it. Books, well, yeees. And Robert Redford, still (even though he's definitely too skinny).
Meri said…
Kamana - oh my gosh, of course you have to wait weeks and weeks for Amazon deliveries to your little sliver of paradise. It just never occurred to me.

kt - it's disconcerting to have dreams before something happens. The last really big event I dreamed in advance was that nightclub fire in Rhode Island. I could see signs that said Warwick, Rhode Island (it was West Warwick, but close enough) and I don't think I've ever seen location signs in my dream. The dream was about four nights before the event and when I turned on the news the morning after, I couldn't figure out why they were talking about something that had happened four nights before. Then I realized what had happened. You just never know whether they're "preview" dreams or overactive dream life until the event unfolds.

Jennifer - when I had someone to cook for, I was fairly serious about it. My ex had pretty high standards for his diet and demanded great variety when he was home, since he traveled and ate in restaurants a lot. Now that it's usually just me, I rarely cook unless someone else is in the house. And as for Robert, I actually spoke to him and can tell you that he appears to really focus on each person he talks with. I really admire his efforts on the environment and filmmaking.
*smiling* -- we have some things in common - but seein Redford's arse, alas, isn't one of them...:-)
kendalee said…
Great list! I sometimes think I must keep in business singlehandedly so can totally relate to that, and I'm thrilled to know that Robert Redford's tush lives up to expectations. I had no real doubts but good to know! :)

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