Birthday Greetings

You've met my friend Adrienne.
She and Sarah and I did the girlfriend trip to Mexico.
Then she and I did a photo workshop with Jan Phillips.
Adrienne's great to travel with: fun, flexible, funny, unflappable.

So (shhhh......) today's her birthday.
Tonight she and her friend Lisa and her niece Jenny and I
are having dinner and then going to see Xanadu.
(I'd better go put the tickets in the car before I forget).

But I just wanted to say,
Happy Birthday Friend!

How old is she?
I'll never tell.

Redheads like to be mysterious.
And I don't want to get her Irish up.


Eryl said…
Happy birthday to Adrienne. The montage is gorgeous, a flicker of summer in this dark winter.
happy birthday....looks as if adrienne will be forever young!

what a wonderful gift you have given her!
ah and to share the jan phillips workshop with a good friend!!

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