And Since I'm in a Blue Mood. . .

Here's some blue for you.


Lots of interesting and moody blues pictures.
these color collages are delightful!
Beautiful favourite colour!
Love your color-themed mosaics!! What application are you using? I know Flickr Toys has a great one!
rebecca said…
dear one,
i have missed you. 12 days of summer in brazil has been soulfully healing.
returning to you is a visual prayer.
lovely images...

Anonymous said…
I love the colour blue and your pictures are fabulous!
kt said…
these color series are cool keep them coming!
Relyn Lawson said…
Did you take all these?? Good gosh you are talented!
deb did it said…
as winter tangles me up in blue, I love to go back and be comforted in memories of warmer, sunnier, lighter days thru my photo archives...this collection is wonderful!

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