Maybe it's the box of Satsumas
that's got me thinking this color.

But here's a color splash
of some of my "orange" photos
in the past year.


Gorgeous!! When I was young I did not like orange or red I LOVE them. Beautiful orange collage.
sperlygirl said…
oh my goodness, how i love this color and paired with pink - even better! (and if you knew me you'd know i am so not a pink girl!)
ELK said…
a pure delight here as usual meri!
normana53 said…
Hi Sis,

You "orranged" those pictures quite nicely.

Love you,

your warped brother!
HeartFire said…
Gorgeous! I hope you're in our orange photo book!
kendalee said…
Oooh lovely, lovely! One of my favourite colours - guaranteed to lift my spirits!
A.Smith said…
So gorgeous, so beautiful in this gray day, particularly. Thank you again for being here, your words always make me feel like someone just brought me a cup of my favorite tea and a great book to spend my afternoon with.
Relyn Lawson said…
This is stunningly, completely gorgeous. They are each amazing photos, but together they are WOW!
Anonymous said…
Wanted to stop by to say Happy New Year, I haven't been visiting your blog for a while now, life has been busy....but, in 2010, I promise to stop by more.

Wishing you the best,

I love orange and I actually look good in the color orange.
i have been checking your pictures for a while, and oh my! delicious ;-)
Anonymous said…
what a happy bright colour.

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