Camera Angles

I was cruising through my photos, looking for my favorites,
(I've been laying out a photography book to publish)
and I noticed that I had taken two compositionally-related images
at very different places.

Step Pyramid at Saqqara

Museum of Glass, Tacoma

And if the cone of the hot shop looks like it's leaning,
it's not an optical illusion.

It's leaning.

But what makes me catch my breath about each of them
is the blue, blue sky.
It's been in short supply for the past few days.



have fun making the book! ambitious project!

to blue...

word verification is a HOOT - tis pitypo!

no pitypo here!!
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, what a delicious pairing. And, oh wow! Congratulations on your photography book. I love that.

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