Another Photo Montage: Shades of Gray

Don't want to bore you
but a lot of you seem to enjoy
these photo montages.

This time I'll tell you where I took the photos and give a context.
And though there are mosaic builders on the web,
this one was done by hand from a template I created.

Upper left: detail on Manhattan building
Upper center: tree branch, Wright Park, Tacoma
Upper right: machinery gear parts, Fremont district, Seattle

2nd row left: garden angel from my garden
2nd row center: view through the clock window
at Museé d'Orsay toward Sacre Coeur, Paris
2nd row right: marina on Lake Union, Seattle, in the fog

Lower Left: sunflower at farmer's market, Tacoma's Proctor District
Lower Center: Building detail, Manhattan, about a block from Times Square
Lower Right: art installation in window in Belltown neighborhood, Seattle,
featuring fishing line with suspended CD's

It seems really appropriate today,
a totally gray and rainy day.


ELK said…
very beautiful ..the details come to the front when color is less present

although one can tire of gray skies, these pictures puts gray into a most beautiful perspective

I wonder how many of us have taken that same shot of montmartre through the clock at the musee d'orsay!!

thanks for the details.

gray and snowy in cleveland today!
Anonymous said…
im beginning to like b&w. but i am a colour girl all the way.
rebecca said…
hola mi amor...
you are a constant stop in my morning procession of passion.
thanks for brightening my moment.
normana53 said…
My sister,

Black and white and read all over!
sorry, couldn't help myself.

love you,
Carol said…
Great pictures! How could that mosaic ever bore anyone? I love all the details (& recognized the D'Orsay!)
Mary said…
Glorious! Oh what beautiful images! thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)
georgia b. said…
i absolutely love this! i think i like black and white mosaics better than color ones. so many tones and so much contrast. very visually interesting!

i've missed your blog. sorry i've been gone so long. my blog reading has been very limited. but i ALWAYS appreciate when you stop by and leave comments.

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