I had to let my little Shadow go yesterday.
Her kidneys were failing
and she wasn't eating.
I couldn't sit by and watch her starve.

She was the sweetest cat you could ever imagine.

She stole my heart as a tiny kitten
when she climbed into my purse and told me that she'd adopted me.

She was indifferent to catnip, learned to hold her ground
when the dog wanted to play, was incredibly talkative
and the most gentle of souls.
Her green eyes were luminous.
The orange stripe on her nose was her unique beauty mark.

People always were amazed at how friendly
and affectionate she was.

She was the grande dame of kitties.
I'll miss her.


Oh so sad...I lost my best canine friend ever (Max) last Spring on the last day of ArtFest. My heart goes out to you. You should do some art in honor of Shadow.
People who do not have pets have no idea how difficult it is to lose them . . . they give so much love. Condolences.
Meri - I am so so sorry for your loss, and so so happy that you had such a wonderful friend for a time. You are in my thoughts.

Take care.
misty said…
i am so sorry... i feel for you and hope you can keep all the wonderful memories of shadow very close to your heart. it's so hard to let them go...
thinking of you.
beth said…
meri....this makes me so sad and I'm so sorry for your loss....

warm hugs to you....
I'm sorry to hear this.
Delwyn said…
Hi meri

vale shadow

'tis a sad time losing a pet. They are a part of the family and good friends.

Thinking of you
sperlygirl said…
sending love & light your way, meri.
A.Smith said…
She reminded me of my own MoonShadow
just as black and just as lovable and loving. My heart broke when she left and it never quite mended right after that.

Sending you comfort lights for when you need them, I wish I could make a cup of tea and sit with you by the fire and talk about how they steal hearts and never give them back. I am so sorry.
kt said…
sorry to read about losing your dear friend.

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