I like this affirmation about wisdom.
It doesn't rely solely on
the pattern recognition
arising from experience. . .

it doesn't equate wisdom
with pure knowledge,
valuable though knowledge can be.

Instead, it blends those ingredients
with inner knowingness --
intuition -- that we can only access
when we get still, go within,
and notice what our highest self,
our inner Wise Woman or Wise Man,
wants us to know
at a deep and powerful level. 

Have you ever noticed
that when you ignore your intuition,
you always end up regretting it?

At least that's true for me!


Oh yes! In fact, your whole post rings true for me.
Sandy K. said…
I absolutely know what you are talking about. Sometimes I call it my "Sixth Sense"- like I know what's going to happen and should follow that pull. Well written, Meri. Thank you!

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