The Problem with Fooling Around

The problem with fooling around
with images

is coming back to them
several years later and thinking,
"That's a killer effect!"

and then not being able to remember
for the life of me
what filters and manipulations
I combined to get the result.

Does that happen to you?

Or are you smart enough
to record each step of each transformation
somewhere that you won't lose it?


The images are beautiful, and I wish I could say I know how to do this, non!. Hope you remember because I love the effect.

The French Hutch
These are beautiful, Meri! They look like paintings. Simply amazing. I want to know how you did it. I have seen something similar on as well. You might look on there and see what the person used. I will see if I can find one for you. Fantastic. So quaint and lovely. Love the colors. So European.. My verification word looks like dementia. What does that mean???
Eryl said…
These are fab, and I'm pretty sure you'll work out how to do it even better.

I haven't got to the stage of doing things like this with my photographs yet, I'm still amazed when I manage to get something in focus. One day!
tami said…
oh, I wish I knew how to even start : )
Reena said…
I've been there, Cinque Terre! Isn't it the most beautiful place.
But this images of it ... well, they are just amazing! So now you have to figure it out so I can do it to my old pics!
Dawn Elliott said…
Beautiful work, Meri! You are NOT alone...I never seem to write down information I might need later when creating...I guess I never think I'll be away from it that long!

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