Share the Joy Thursday: Inner Traditions

I'm super-excited and full of JOY today
because I've seen the pre-release info
on the book to which I contributed articles and photos.

My Seattle friend Cathleen Shattuck
also contributed photos and articles.

Cathleen Shattuck on the Giza Plateau

In fact, everyone on the trip
furnished articles for the book
that Inner Traditions describes as
"Sharing Transformative and inspiring pieces
written by those who've attended their Egyptian sacred tours,
the authors reveal how writing your spiritual biography
allows you to reconnect to the creativity and divine within,
face your fears, offer gratitude for what you have,
manifest new destinies, and recognize your life
as part of the sacred story of Earth."

We know which of our articles were selected for publication
but right now we're still in the dark on the images.

The book was the dream-child of
Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown,

Normandi Ellis telling the story of her awakening at Saqqara.
Gloria Taylor Brown on the Giza Plateau,
waiting for our time between the paws of the Sphinx.

the co-leaders of my spiritual initiation and writing trip
to Egypt in 2009. Normandi is the author of Dreams of Isis, Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Feasts of Light, and Fresh-Fleshed Sisters.
For Invoking the Scribes,
there's a forward by Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys
who participated in the writing tour,
though she often leads her company's tours
of Egypt personally.

That's Nicki on the right, Normandi just barely visible, and Gloria
as they prepared for sacred ceremony and meditation.

Invoking the Scribes is due for release
 in November 2011
Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said…
Wow...congratulations Meri! This looks like it was a life changing journey with like minded souls. And what an wonderful opportunity to share your experience in this the book!
rebecca said…
lovely photographs....and wonderful jOy of seeing and being seen!

today my jOY is the igniting of dreams of young children who hope for a brighter future through a chance of education. today is the opening of the Shrine Gallery of Hope and am celebrating the power of inspired artists coming together through love and compassion of others.

please come join in making dreams come true, and bring all your friends!!!
Dawn Elliott said…
Congratulations to everyone involved in this phenomenal endeavor. I love the photos...incredible women in such a remarkable part of the world.
Pure joy!
Meri said…
If you've checked Laura Janesdaughter's link, she's one of my Egypt spiritual sisters.
Olivia said…
Congratulations on your book...what a privilege it is to have spiritual sisters! xoO
Dani said…
congrats! This is everso exciting i bet you can't wait to see it in the flesh! I'd love to visit Egypt it looks magical :)
Kim Mailhot said…
Congratulations, Meri !!! Definitely a time for joyous celebration of the accomplishment, the lessons learned and the connection to other creators ! Wow !
very exciting! congratulations on the book!!!
A book! How exciting! Bravo!
deb did it said…
Meri...this is so fantastic! CONGRATULATIONS!! ~JOY JOY JOY~
gma said…
I share your JOY Meri. How wonderful to have your articles published.
I will look for this book...remind us again when it comes out in November.

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