Haiku My Heart: Sunset

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can be found at Rebecca's place.

summer sun sinks low
painting both sky and water
bringing us magic


Relyn Lawson said…
A perfect haiku and a double perfect image. Oh, how I want to be there. It's like spa for my eyes.
tami said…
what a lovely image . . . I so wish we could get together and talk about our books that we have in common! Thank you for all your sweet kind comments, they mean so much.
rebecca said…
may we all be such true reflections of each other.

thank you meri for your bright place in my heart.
Snap said…
Beautiful, Meri ... words and image.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Wonderful. This photo would fit perfectly with our Friday Town Shoot Out.
deb did it said…
you paint such a beautiful story with words and photo.~MAGIC!~
Marit said…
Sigh... sunset above water is the most beautiful thing I know!
Cheryl said…
I see those same colours up here in B'ham. It's fun to know we share the same sky. Love the haiku.

Thank you for telling me you knew Sherri.
I love evening's painted skies!
Exquisite. Meri! The sun truly brought a gift of enchantment, and you shared it. Thank you!
Reena said…
Gorgeous sunset!
It is a beautiful image, Meri a truly great capture of the color, the light and the hills and water. It is magical. Your haiku says it all.
Rosie said…
Absolutely stunning photo... and the haiku fits perfectly! A sight for sore eyes, indeed!
gma said…
We are so used to the magic nature gives us everyday. This is a beautiful reminder. So pretty!
GYamato said…
Luscious range of color, wonderful image...a faint breeze seems to come right the the 'window' of photo frame. Nothing quite like that old, every-day magic :)
Sandy K. said…
Gorgeous color, Meri. Thank you for the perfect pairing of words and photograph.
Beauty in simplicity. You nailed Haiku my Heart yesterday. Thanks.
Kim Mailhot said…
Ah, some magic ! Bring it on !

Kathleen Barnes said…
Lovely Haiku...I want to paint your photo!

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