Hanging Around

The dishwasher repairman called in sick,
so the repair's now on tomorrow's schedule.

I've got a lot of projects in the germination stage
but nothing that I think I can dive into today
though maybe I'm just making excuses.

In other words, unless I get myself organized
and take that first step,
I think I'll just be hanging around
and going in circles.


sometimes that's how i feel too
abrazos mi amiga!
At least going around in circles is smoother and less jarring to the soul than going around in triangles.
Eryl said…
Sometimes hanging around can be a good thing, it gives you some space to become who you really are.
Leovi said…
Wonderful view of these chairs flying. Very nice. Greetings.
deb did it said…
what a fantastic photo! ~got fixed dishwasher yet?~ or are ya just dizzy?
Cheryl said…
I'll be hangin' with you.
rochambeau said…
I come by way of Rebecca. This is a great post, the words and how they match the photograph!
Mrs.D said…
so much fun! thanks for dropping by!
Relyn Lawson said…
I love this image. I LOVE this type of ride, too. Happy organizing.
beth said…
at least it's the dishwasher. i can live without that. but take away my washer or dryer.....well let's just say, it's not pretty :)

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