Postcards from Paradise: Under the Sea

I love the mysterious, flower-like
and undulating nature of sea anenomes.
I'm also a big fan of starfish
and colorful fishes
(though I draw the line at blue sharks).

(This heart-shaped one is especially dear.)

But because of a swimming trauma
when I was in kindergarten
that indelibly imprinted the panic
of near-drowning into my psyche,

I'll never be diving below
the water's surface to see them.

Once, however, with a bit of encouragement
from the man I loved, 
I overpowered my fear
and went snorkeling off St. John in the Virgin Islands.

I saw some fish and stuff, but never managed to relax
while my face was underwater.
Mostly, I was just relieved that I'd survived it
and very proud of myself for doing something
so very challenging for me.

Oh -- and did I mention that 
I checked "Snorkeling" off my bucket list
and vowed never to do it again?
(As you might have guessed,
getting dive-certified isn't on my list.)

In other words, I'm a shower girl, not a bath girl.
I'm a big fan of aquariums for viewing sea anenomes
and other fishy stuff.

I hope you enjoy my Postcards from Paradise.
No photographers were harmed in the making of these shots,
all taken at the Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

p.s. My Father's Day post is here.


Lovely "tame" shots, Meri! And...are you SURE you don't want to become dive-certified? :-)
Meri said…
Don't hold your breath waiting for me to change my mind. Even love isn't enough motivation. . . and remember that case in Australia where the young American bride died in a "diving accident" when her dive-master husband said her breathing apparatus wasn't working and she sank out of his reach. Yup, showers for me!
Hootin Anni said…
Absolutely incredible photos!! Oh me too...I'm a shower person through and through. But wow...the photos!!

Now, I'm gonna go back and read your Father's Day post that you had linked.
rebecca said…
paradise beneath the sea, such a garden of mysterious beauty.
growing up on the shores of san diego i am an ocean girl through and through.
when i worked and lived on the QEII i kept my snorkeling gear close at hand and often was the first one down the gang plank off and running for exotic coves and caves on the coastlines of the world.

thanks for stirring the treasure pot of so many wild adventures.
Reena said…
I'm an ocean/sea girl ... athough not always a brave one ... I do love snorkeling. Enjoyed your pics!
foxysue said…
I did the snorkelling thing whilst clinging to a floating platform in Egypt, it was the best part of the whole holiday, I was scared too, but wouldn't have missed this 'razzle dazzle' for the world!

Sue x
Though I did snorkel at an earlier time in my life, it wasn't something I enjoyed, especially off boats where I knew the water was deep. I understand perfectly how you feel. These are beautiful photos.
ellen abbott said…
good post. I enjoyed this a lot. they are such beautiful creations. I tried diving once but could never equalize the pressure in my ears. I do like to snorkel though.
Relyn Lawson said…
I am very glad you pushed yourself and tried something new. It's so important. And, oh, the pictures!
Beautiful underwater shots, Meri! Really nice and clear and lovely colors. We all have things that we fear. It is completely understandable. You can enjoy looking at underwater life from a distance.
Sandy K. said…
Meri- I wondered where you were going with your missive, and I was actually holding my breath:). The punch line was well worth the wait - and the photos were perfect!

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