Haiku My Heart: Razzle Dazzle

tucked in a corner
but far from standing shyly
she razzle-dazzles

This week's Haiku My Heart offerings
can be found at Rebecca's place.


Snap said…
She is certainly dazzling!
Marit said…
I love your haiku, and the wonderful colours in the photo. Very inspiring! I think I will go play with goldpaint this weekend now ;)
Anonymous said…
hey...I have stood in this razzle dazzling light!!
rebecca said…
we know this razzle dazzle...
no wall flower, she resides center stage in my heart!!!

i never tire of seeing her...and introducing a new band of travelers her way.
so eternally glad you were one!
This is a haunting close up photo--I assume in Mexico? Love your haiku, too, especially those words razzle dazzle. Such a contrast from the other words.
deb did it said…
oh, how all four of us stood here, together...dazzled in the magic of Mexico. A priceless memory.
Spadoman said…
Dazzled by that halo of glory. Love this Virgin business.

Dawn Elliott said…
I wonder just how many pictures of her were taken on just that one day? Spectacular post, Meri!
It is a fabulous image and the expression is so deeply moving. Rebecca's Madonna. What a glorious halo round her. Razzle Dazzle is so onomatopoeic. I love words like that to describe and it certainly fits here. Beautiful post, Meri!
helen tilston said…
Truly beautiful. She has the ability to calm spirits and we know everything will be all right
foxysue said…
And so do you, with your vibrant imagery and words.

Sue x
Cheryl said…
Wow! Such brilliant colours today! I like it!
Meri, so much detail!! Have a great weekend.

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