I've been doing some work in the area
of intention setting in my life,
revisiting old core beliefs to see
how they've tripped me up
and whether they're even remotely applicable
to the adult, capable me.

In other words, 
I'm working on fully Blooming
in every part of my life.

How are you using your power
to create a more juicy life?

It's up to you to make it happen.

* * * * * * *

p.s. The Shrine Auction to benefit
the education of street kids in Oaxaca
is open for online bidding.
Generous artists all over Bloglandia
have contributed heart works.

Go to the HOPE GALLERY for a preview
and to bid.

Thanks Rebecca for being the light!


Such a life-affirming and life-enhancing decision - to revisit core beliefs and see if they are/were yours and if they align with your adult sensibilities and values now. We should all follow your example!
Kim Mailhot said…
Parts of me are blooming. Parts are still dormant, like a bright red poppy plant that seems to die off after it has burst it bloom into the world, and then needs to rest awhile. Other parts are still in tight bud form, waiting for the light to warm then into bursting...
Yes, those core beliefs do need to be revisited - isn't it great how life provides us opportunities to re-test them ?
Adrienne said…
love you and your thought. again, I am inspired. hugs, Adrienne
Rimkogeren said…
Thanks for your greeting :-)
Thoughtful, I come to visit.
rebecca said…
i love this meri...this slowing down, looking deeper, reevaluating. choosing with revived conviction.

thank you for sharing our gallery of hope....

so many dreams in the balance!
Leovi said…
That preciousness ... fantastic, delicious, delicious ... that shades ... Very good texture. and the super frame.
Anonymous said…
that is the journey, isn't it. continually assessing what fuels us and what holds us back - sometimes they are even one and the same. a delicate but powerful examination of living life to our fullest. enjoy the journey, friend. xx S
Eryl said…
I began this process you describe in 2006, after a series of big life-blows. It was really tough, I had to examine, for example, not just why honesty was so important to me but what honesty is: how do I interpret that word, is there a better way? I discovered that an awful lot of my core beliefs and concepts were inherited or tacked on in a 'that'll do' sort of way. It's taken a long time to examine everything, but now I feel like I'm flying, and knowing people like you really helps.

I use my power to put juice into my life by constantly questioning my actions and reactions, and those of others. Trying to see things from a variety of perspectives, and listening to you and people like you.

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