A Single Mind

The borders of our minds are ever shifting
and many minds can flow into one another
and can create or reveal
 a single mind, a single energy.

-- William Butler Yeats

It seems to me that cultivating stillness is one way
to tap into that universal energy.

Reaching the point of stillness and peace,
I find clarity and wisdom bubbling up
within me and yet from somewhere quite beyond,
the access point to the Divine within us all.


Lovely image and wise thoughts. I'm going to carry this inspiration out into the garden and sit a while. Thank you Meri!
beth said…
ummmm...so could you just send me that planter in the mail ?
Gorgeous photo and a profound message... love your blog, your photos, and messages.

Bon dimanche,
ellen abbott said…
if strolling around the yard and greeting every and any thing is stillness, then I do. get still and listen to the divine composite. sitting still in a chair meditating? have never been able to develop the habit. too much life out there to experience and isn't that why we incarnated in the first place?
Reena said…
Finding stillness is so tough ... great photo and words!

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