Share the Joy Thursday: I'm Late!

Some things that give me JOY. . .

Pretty cupcakes even if I don't eat them
(the one with the orange flourish is carrot cake)

Whimsical umbrellas, even though True Seattleites
never use them

knowing that my dishwasher will finally be repaired
on Monday sometime, since the part is supposed to be 
delivered to the appliance repairman on Friday afternoon


Color -- lots and lots of color --
that I want to reach out and touch.

What brings you JOY?

To play along and share the joy:

1. do a post that tells and shows us
 what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post 
and paste it into the Mr. Linky box along with your name.

3. visit other players -- as many as possible -- 
and let their joy infect you.  
Leave them a comment about their post.

Let's start an epidemic of joy!


i love pashimas!!!!
i want every one of them ;-)
don't worry last week i somehow forgot to do my joy post!!!
upps! sorry!
life probably was making me forgetful
Betsy Brock said…
What a lovely post. I would have to have that coconut cupcake! :)
Kathleen Barnes said…
I didn't even notice you and deb were doing this before I wrote my own post, but it is certainly about a joyful Thurday!
I love cupcakes! I eat them, I paint them, I admire them and yours are amazing. the chocolate looks best, but that carrot cake would be VERY tempting.
tami said…
yummy cakes : ) Someone brought me a delicious cake to work. Delish! So joyful you are here today!
Cheryl said…
So glad you made it. Yummy cupcakes.
Are those serapes? (I see Carmen calls them pashimas.) Whatever they are, I could bury myself in their rainbow of colors.
rebecca said…
i want to join magical mystery teacher....!

standing in the light of your love is a certain jOY!
Eryl said…
They could be the prettiest cup cakes I'v ever seen. I love colour too and those wraps look beautiful.
Eryl said…
Forgot to say: I had a joy post lined up for yesterday but got distracted and now I have to go out, so I'll save it for next week.
Kim Mailhot said…
You were late so we played without you. That's the kind of Joyful Peeps we are !
Thanks for sharing your colorful joy with us. How do you resist cupcakes ????
Happy Friday, Lovely Meri !
Relyn Lawson said…
I'll take the cupcake with the big chocolate curls, thank you.
rochambeau said…
Many thanks Meri, for adding my link and for this post. Your photo of textiles brings me J O Y !!
I heart textiles bigtime!
Would have been by earlier, but we had to go to the vet, not fun but now happy we went, Coco's feeling better.

Happy weekend!
gma said…
I was out of town and couldn't share my joy with you this week. Whimsical umbrella's are the best especially in a dark gray rain storm. Can't imagine why Seattlites never use them. Maybe all that rain isn't cute. :-)
Are those cashmere and silk prayer shawls? Beautiful! The colors are so rich.
I am so happy that cupcakes are in! You can choose from many flavors and not have to buy a whole cake (or several).
Good luck tomorrow with the dishwasher!

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