Postcards from Paradise: Tacoma's Museum of Glass

If you're looking for the WOW factor,
there's nothing like the Pacific Northwest
on a sunny day.

Phone Pix from my Android 2
(Retro Camera app)


helen tilston said…
Thank you for sharing Tacoma with us.

Beautiful pictures and informative. Thanks again
somepinkflowers said…
looking like Paradise
over here!

Kathleen Barnes said…
Wow is right! I LOVE glass..pretty little globes or Chihuly blossoms....liquid color, forever ice. good magic. Thank you!
GlorV1 said…
Just beautiful. It does look like Paradise.
ellen abbott said…
It's a great museum. did you go sit in the hot shop and watch for awhile?
Amazing and beautiful glass blooms, Meri. Your phone takes great pics. I am jealous. Just gorgeous color and such a beautiful day! Thanks! Love Chihuly.
I just love this museum and thanks for sharing your photos. I'll be up in WA a few times this summer--tomorrow being one of the trips, but visiting an elderly sister this time in Tumwater. Have you ever blown glass? Loved the Chihulys.
will said…
Nice pics ... but then there's the historic "Aroma"!

No comment on Chihuly.
foxysue said…
Wow, wow and wow again, I'm all wowed out;~)

Sue x
Thank you for reminding me that I do not need a newer/better Nikon - I just need to practice seeing more. Taken with your phone and retro app...always experimenting! Yea, you!
you aren't kidding - truth be told i'll take the pnw any day = sunny, rainy, or grey!

been too long since i've been through tacoma - and never to the museum of glass, must remedy that next trip out to the pnw!

been out the loop lately but working on catching up and getting back into the swing of things!

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