Love. . .

Expressing gratitude is one way to share love.

The more you share it, the more you receive,
even though that might not be your intent
when you're feeling and radiating love
and goodwill.

Funny how that works!


helen tilston said…
Very true words. I need to be reminded frequently of this
Thanks for your post
ellen abbott said…
yeah, I would tell my children all the time growing up what you do comes back to you.
Reena said…
... and such a simple act.
foxysue said…
The law of attraction says, 'what you focus on you get more of'.

Sue x
Anonymous said…
so true...sending back love your way.
rebecca said…
love the way this works!!!
I completely agree with this one, Meri. Gratitude is seemingly simple but it can create a new world for the person who is grateful. Nice.
Kim Mailhot said…
I love how that works !
Big Love to you, Wise One.
Sandy K. said…
What a great find, that flag:). And a great message. Thank you!
deb did it said…
love ya back...let's get a room...wanna go to Mexico?

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