Thinking in Images

After two-plus hours at a book discussion
discussing The Help, racism and sexism,
and a five hour-long telephone conference 
about work issues yesterday, 
I'm flat out of words.

All talked out.

(I know..... that concept renders you speechless, too.)

Time for thinking in images,
the antidote to verbal overload.

© 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian


(And check back Wednesday about 5 pm
Pacific for the Mr. Linky for
Share the Joy Thursday.)


Unknown said…
absolutely...a picture, you know, is worth a thousand words :)

Sounds good to me Meri. Your images elicit feeling and voice from even the most mute among us :)
Kim Mailhot said…

(My favorite letter.)
Happy Resting !
Naquillity said…
a picture is a good way to unwind from an otherwise hectic day. hope all looks brighter tomorrow. have a relaxing night~
beth said…
my hubby would probably be thrilled if i was out of words for a night or two :)
I can only imagine! Sounds like my brain would be mush if I had done what you just did! I understand! Wishing you well! Cathy
A.Smith said…
Missing your presence, knowing that eventually the storm will pass and we can have a glass of wine together.
Our friends from Bainbridge Island came and I thought how wonderful would have been for you to join us.
Next time. Be well, take care of yourself. Hugs from here.
deb did it said…
wordless wednesdays are always a cure for the verbal overlaod...K
Jon Storey said…
What a superb image! so pleased to have met you!

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