Share the Joy Thursday: Looking for Joy

Joy is a choice you make.

It's an attitude of celebration
and thankfulness for 
little moments of awe
or ahhhh.........

and wonderful memories
like the trips to France
that speak to your soul.

Sometimes it's overwhelming.

Sometimes it just sits quietly
waiting for you to notice
and say, "Oh - here you are!"

Where's the joy in your life today?
It's usually marked with a smile.

Won't you share it with us?

(And don't forget to visit the beautiful and gracious
NOELLE to wish her a Happy Birthday.)

To play along:

1. do a post that tells and shows us what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into the
Mr. Linky box along with your name.

3. visit other players -- as many as possible -- and let their joy infect you.  Leave them a comment about their post.
Let's start an epidemic of joy!


Love that first photograph especially Meri! It could be a xmas card.

My joy came today after conquering a seemingly intractable problem (in my mind!) with photoshop. I figured it out!!! Joy. Relief. Pride. Joy!!!
stefani said…
What a wonderful idea. Now you have me thinking of joy. :-)

Love the last photo in your post.
Thanks for a great start to my day. I will think of joy today whether it turns into a blog or noth. Art and Beer, Texas style. LOL.
Carmen said…
being the first feels super cool ;-)
sperlygirl said…
i so love that little bear. it looks like mine who is 37 years old and still with me. such love in worn fur.
deb did it said…
~art and beer~ two of my favorite things!! Have a JOYful day Meri!
Anonymous said…
Lovely post. Thanks.
I haven't been blogging so much for the last few days - too much of the old Christmas crocodile I think.

Best wishes for 2011, from Boonie
rebecca said…
pure joy....found here.
thank you meri...i am off searching for mine.
I love your images. I have good memories of a long ago visit to France, and "art and beer" what more is there to life really? Beautiful, joyful post. Thank you!
rebecca said…
more joy from my studio window...
i am snowed in so made this....
in celebration of your gathering of jOy~
Miss Robyn said…
Hi Meri, hope to join in this when I remember to.. was going to link to it from my blog.. is there a post that tells about this so others can join in? bless xo Robyn
gma said…
Serendipitous that I wrote about joy and found this blog later. Here it is.
We are responsible for our own joy! You are so right. Can't ever blame our choices on someone else.
Good thought to start the New Year!
Hope it is a Joyful one for you!

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