Sacred Heart

Look into my eyes, so kind,
so full of wisdom born
of the sorrows of the world.

Touch my heart,
a heart both sacred
and open to love -
and through your fingers
take love in
and breathe it out.

My sacred heart, like yours,
is radiant with miracles.

For more Virgin miracles,
visit Rebecca.


I love this Meri. The sacred heart is a powerful symbol, but I believe that she too is an archetype for the love and compassion of all women. I see that in your words "a heart both sacrd and open to love". All hearts are radiant with the miraculous aren't they :-)
foxysue said…
I am taking all this love in and will breath it out, I promise!


Sue x
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful!
Spadoman said…
Yes, the Sacred Heart. So eloquently stated, taking in breath and letting love out for all. Very nice.

rebecca said…
for compassion, peace, and love.
Beautiful, compassionate virgin. So often she is depicted as being either terribly sorrowful or very angry. This virgin loves us just the way we are.
deb did it said…
stunning, beautiful photo
Annie Jeffries said…
Beautiful selection. She teaches us to bear the unbearable.
Unknown said…
beautiful words Meri...

I am painting a sacred heart at this moment and your words carry me along.


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