Virgin Mary Haiku

Fat babe in her arms,
she looks on with mother's love
fair Queen of Heaven.

Fill your heart with Virgin images
and celebrate Haiku My Heart Friday.


deb did it said…
~Fair Queen of Heaven~ a beautiful thing
Naquillity said…
nicely written, Meri~ you're getting to be a great haikuist. hope all is well.
rebecca said…
oh i do love every syllable!
this is so so touching..and one of my favorite old tin paintings.
even the rust adds to her halo.

thank you for being here...
Spadoman said…
Meri... Your words are divine! Fantastic work.

Ramesh Sood said…
For me.. its just beautiful..for me its all positive flow of energy being on these pages today.. thank you!
Today, I can post a comment. This is a beautiful image, Mary is resplendent and the chubby baby is cherubic. I adore her face! I love that you are finding these tin paintings. I think that they are so lovely! Your haiku is wonderful. "Fair Queen of heaven" !
turquoise cro said…
Beauty Full!!! I especially LOVE her robe and earrings! I don't think I've ever seen dear sweet QUEEN Mary with earrings! I think I'll faint imagining what kind of earrings Mary did weaR!! SWEET!
Annie Jeffries said…
Curious images and proportions. The faces so serious. Noting from Rebecca's comment - This is an old tin painting????
Very, very beautiful and inspiring.
Love it-love ALL of it-the words and the image.

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