Virgin Off-Center

She's a little off-center, this Virgin,
having adjusted to the upheavals,
the shift in conditions around her.

But through it all, she's maintained
her serenity, her attitude of reverence.

We should be so lucky. . .

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Spadoman said…
Yet another beautiful image of The Blessed Virgin Mary.Off kilter means nothing, as she stands for peace and good at all times.

Peace Ms. Meri
deb did it said…
off-center-always-peacefully-in balance!
Annie Jeffries said…
She walks the straight and narrow in fine balance, tipping a bit as she goes but never losing her way. If we follow in HER footsteps, we too will never be lost.
She is blue, my favorite color, and I like that she's a little off center like all of us human beans.
Full-On-Forward said…
What an Eye!!!


If only We could maintain that sense of peace and grace whilst being off center! I love the smooth white creaminess of the surface.
Unknown said…
Nothing wrong with off-center...some of my best friends are just a tad bit off-center:)

I love the image, that beautiful porcelain white with a sheen of blue. I like that she is off center. Yes, the change in conditions and the instability of the world affect the divine in all of us but it remains true and constant doesn't it, always available if we want to access it. Lovely and the flowers are such an exquisite contrast.
Naquillity said…
what a nice image and inspirational words you've shared. certainly everyone could benefit from being serenely off center. have a great night.
Anonymous said…
Ever Grace-ful...a true example of how to handle life's little imbalances : )
Anonymous said…
Very good images. Thanks for sharing us.
Anonymous said…
What a very creative and profound use of imperfection! Well done.

All the best, Boonie
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful photo, and very peaceful to see..g

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