Postcards from Paradise: Play

I don't know why these moments

caught my attention

or why I wanted to alter reality.

But play is my paradise. . . .

and so is this post by Lisa
at Curious Girl 
and this post by Noelle
at The Angels Wear Fins 

that I hope will inspire you
because we create paradise right here,
right now
when we act with intent
to touch the lives of others with love.

what's paradise for you?


Anonymous said…
a field of pink flamingos...paradise indeed.

Paradise for me...picking veggies and flowers in our HUGE community garden this early morning!
ellen abbott said…
when my sone was born my mother sent me an arrangement of antheriums.
lisa said…
love the flamingos!

today paradise for me is a rainy summer sunday and finally getting around to creating my own mini art studio.
rebecca said…
thank you meri for sharing the wild beauty of pink flamingos! and most importantly for singing the praises of others. this is the JOY i love that spreads from blog to blog, when we truly acknowledge others. true paradise, holding each other up to the light!
deb did it said…
your photos here make me giggle....and the links make me happy! Now I am going to play Blog Leap Frog and visit everyone elses Paradise...mine today is knowing that in 3 days I will hugs my sons neck...for one entire week!
Olivia said…
I too like to alter reality with camera effect, but it IS play! When I see the anthuriums I remember my beloved Maui and miss it so much, but truly paradise is right here and not away somewhere...xoO
Dawn Elliott said…
The pink flamingos do it everytime!
I have an old cement one in my yard, too! Your post made me smile!
Play is paradise for you. Poetry is paradise for me. Glad you asked!
I love all of your photographs, when you play, when you are serious and when you are tender. You color my world in interesting and wonderful ways and I always appreciate your perspective on the beauty that life has to offer. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in raising the offerings of others to the light. I am grateful!
Alan Burnett said…
A quiet pub, a cool pint and a good book - all at the same time.
Sandy K. said…
Paradise...visually appealing, peaceful, and a place or experience which captures the moment deeply in my soul. I have just written about sailing, which can be very close to my paradise:).
HeartFire said…
Great post Meri, love the intense colors. Play seems to me to be anything done without too much thinking or planning, if we let it, it comes naturally. And we end up delighted and feeling good!
Play, play, play!!
Cheryl said…
I like your definition of paradise best...act with intention. I took a boat ride thru a bayou in Louisiana once and saw scores of flamingos. Amazing creatures, yes, but who would really put them in their yard? :) Yes...the good old days of the 70's.
paradise being in the moment

wonderful image play!
Relyn Lawson said…
Paradise for me just now would be an evening alone with my husband with time for....

We're on a trip with my parents and our daughter. It's great but, well you know......
paradise is all the visuals we can find online and be delightful with them like your pictures and now i am going to read those posts

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