Lead Us (Not) Into Temptation. . .

"Oh mischief, thou are swift to enter in
the thoughts of desperate men."
           - W. Shakespeare

Told you I scored at the Arts and Crafts Fair.
It's a spirit house.

I just couldn't resist the temptation.

* * * * * *

p.s. In case you're wondering where the "men" went,
well. . . . I'm still looking.



Kim Mailhot said…
So cool ! Will definitely help you resist other temptations, I am sure.
Sending light and love to you, Treasure Seeker.
Don't know how much of your creative work you applied to your find ... whatever ... it is great.

Personally, I think you are tempted to erase the "not" from your post title ... ;-)
Olivia said…
I really like it, Meri. I like the idea of a "spirit house" too. Peace, xoO
Eryl said…
That is cool; giving in to a little temptation now and again does you good.
foxysue said…
Well who could resist? We're only human after all!

Sue x
Alan Burnett said…
Not just desperate men, but men with too much time on their hands ... or so my wife says.
deb did it said…
this Spirit House is fabulous!!
Francisca said…
That's a super cool cabinet. Someone has a wicked sense of humor to use The Bard's quote so playfully. Some temptations are not meant to be resisted. :-)
Kat said…
This was made by my sister, Sooz Mansueto, who as you can see is a very talented artist! Glad you're enjoying her work~
Meri said…
Kat: Yes! Sooz is the talented artist. And she and I have connected by phone and will plan a get together since she's new to my area.

Kim - you know me. I don't want to be protected from temptations like this. I'm with Eryl -- giving into temptation can be good for you.
Sandy K. said…
What a fabulous find...worthy of imagination and daring. Do you have a "treasures" room, or do you sprinkle your finds liberally about?

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