One of Those Days

Do you ever wish to be held gently in strong hands
and tenderly led through the shoals of doubt and fear?

Today's one of those days for me.

I just need to focus
and listen for that little voice inside me
that provides me with guidance
if I'm patient enough.


My hands seem to have fulltime employment, but I send you the hands of my mind. A bit ephemeral compared to the stone buddha. But I know you will pass through the shoals of doubt and fear. You have too strong a heart and talent, and too many people who truly appreciate you. Just take a retreat, do something that gives you pleasure, and you'll be back on the other side soon. Everything passes.
Yes, I know how you feel. You know that 'this too will pass'...but sometimes that doesn't happen over night! I hope you feel optimistic soon! ♥
Olivia said…
Yes I do, Meri. And I have just bgun to hear that still, small voice inside of me that has been speaking...waiting...waiting...for half a century, glad that I at last am ready to hear Her. Peace, xoO
Kim Mailhot said…
You are being held, Dear Heart, in just the way you need to be. Do you feel it now ?
All is well.
Light and love.
Reena said…
she whispers so lightly sometimes
i ask "can you please speak up"
The beauty of your image is beyond words. It takes my breath away. It is a symbol of the soul within you, so strong, so protective and at the same time so vulnerable. Your work is your pneuma. You are loved by many and you will pass through this difficult time.

helen tilston said…
I offer up in prayer you wishes and have lit a candle for you. Wherever two or more are gathered, ask and it shall be received.
VS said…
Sweet Meri...
These comments all touch my heart soooo much! With friends that offer up this kind of support & love & light, you must be doing something right. Let their light guide you through those doubts & fears & remember sweet couldn't be BRAVE if you were never SCARED. & by the by, now I want to move to Oregon! No self-serve gas stations...I ADORE Oregon!!! ;)
Hugs & some Strong Hands,
Susie Q
foxysue said…
I'm late to your post, have been in that place too, you are not alone, sharing helps.

Heartfelt hugs to you,

Sue x
Anonymous said…
holding you with love & light today, meri, and may the bright, big, beautiful full moon tonight light your path and line your way with tenderness.  

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