Haiku My Heart: Foxglove

This week's Haiku My Heart offerings
can be found at Rebecca's place.

foxglove stands proudly
tapping toes with summer's beat 
no stately matron 


Gorgeous, Meri. I didn't know this flower was a foxglove.
rebecca said…
i am a sucker for repeat dots,
so you know the foxglove holds special delight for me!

(suddenly i am swept away with longing for my mendocino life)
helen tilston said…
One of my favourite flowers - Common foxglove is biennial. Since biennial plants live for two growing seasons, but flower only in the second, survival of the first winter is crucial- I learned this lesson the hard way. My father in law told me that one must be untidy around foxgloves. Have you had success growing them Meri?
She may not be stately, but she sure is sexy!
Dawn Elliott said…
This is a most gorgeous picture - probably the most beautiful foxglove variety I've ever seen! I love the "tapping toes with summers beat" line...
gma said…
She certainly is foxy!
I adore foxgloves! They are so delicate, the colors and the little bells. Beautiful this lavender and white and the surrounding color. A lovely haiku Meri. Makes me want to tap my toes!
Spadoman said…
Great photo. I seem to always see flowers in bunches and not close-up and personal. They look nice, but they look even better in front of my eyes! These are lovely, and so is your haiku tribute to them. Very nice.

Leslie said…
She is most DEFINITELY no stately matron! Gorgeous photo!!!
Kim Mailhot said…
foxglove rocks the summer !
love your ode to her !

Hugs !
Anonymous said…
She is stately indeed!!
Ani said…
The poetry and the photo are both so beautiful. The foxgloves look almost like speckled eggs. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. -Lola from Buddhatropolis.com
Marit said…
Beautiful haiku! I love the phrase 'tapping toes'
Kathleen Barnes said…
Lovely haiku! Yep, the toe tapping image made it perfect!

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