Time to Bloom

If you're in need of a little inspiration,
visit Rebecca and her friends at Postcards from Paradise.

Rebecca asks "How is Spring awakening you?"
and talks about the challenges and burdens
we all encounter on our walk through life.

And I realized that after having my heart broken
into a million pieces a few years ago,
I've let it harden so it's not as vulnerable.

I think it's time to let it bloom.

Wish me luck!


rebecca said…
oh meri a giant jOyous resounding YES!!!!
i am so thrilled to read this affirmation from you regarding being open hearted, willing, unguarded...

i know you and others will find
astounding beauty!!!in this unfolding.
you are beautiful.

i am here cheering you on!!!
foxysue said…
We all want to protect our tender hearts, being vulnerable is scary but can also be 'blooming' beautiful as are your images!

Good Luck

Sue x
What a delicate and sweet smelling fragrance I sense wafting in the breeze. A beautiful and tender heart has opened its hardened protective core to soft Spring rains, and the fragile blooms of vulnerability and unguarded feeling are making their way upward in the soft earth. They are wholly lovely to behold. I affirm their growth and offer them nurture.

These few words are enough, if not these words,this breath...
If not this breath, this sitting
This opening to the life we have refused
again and again until now. Until now.
In this moment of epiphany
This opening to the life we have refused
again and again
until NOW

~david whyte
gma said…
Many of us "feel" love and pain deeply. You are an inspiration to all of us. Sending sprinkles of sunshine for your blooming heart.
beth said…
buckets of luck to you sweetie !
GlorV1 said…
Very nice. I wish you much happiness. Enjoy your week.
Meri, this is such an imaginative metaphor. You heart turned to stone is able to soften and open on the first day of spring. I am so happy for you because there is so much in there: layers and layers of feeling in those shades-of-pink tissue. Carry this gentle heart with you always.
Lila Rostenberg said…
Love your art work! Have a wonderful blooming spring!
Dawn Elliott said…
I can relate to having been brokenhearted, after being single until age 47. I applaude you for your readiness to open your heart to the possibilities that spring alone can offer!

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