Twelver Days of Mother Love: December 10

Twelve Days of Mother Love

I thought I'd recycle 

a Mary post from 2012.
Hope you don't mind.

Oh mistress of shapeshifting
you come to us
in many guises. . . .

as a lady in white 
floating above an oak tree
in fields in Portugal,
with messages to shepherd children.

as an image on a highway sign
in Sunnyside, Washington
not once, but twice.

As a statue weeping blood
at a Vietnamese Catholic Church
in Sacramento, California.

People see you
in the browning of a grilled cheese sandwich,
in the hues of a plate glass window.

You told the young Bernadette to dig
and when she had done so, 
you filled the void with healing waters.
Even now, over a century and a half later,
pilgrims flock to Lourdes,
seeking miracles of their own.

I don't seek your likeness
in an oil spot on a garage floor,
though you may well choose to do that
for the mechanic who needs a reminder
of the ineffable nature of faith.

Instead, I seek your company
in spirit,
as a feeling of rightness,
of comfort in the face of discomfort,
as acceptance of what seems unacceptable.

I listen for your voice to guide me
when I feel lost
in a thicket of uncertainty.

Come to us
in the call of birds returning home in early spring,
in the twisting smoke of a stick of incense,
in the giggle and froth of a river,
in the singing and trembling of stones
in the temple at Abydos.

Come to us in whatever form
we will understand,
as apparition
as song
as a whisper
as a gold-leafed icon
or a warm breeze.

Just come to us.


carol l mckenna said…
Oh so beautiful painting and words ~ Our Lady is so precious in our lives ~ thanks

Wishing you days of contentment ~ ^_^
Anonymous said…
I love you recycling earlier entries. I don't remember seeing this collage before; it is really spectacular. And your poem really moved me to the core. I'm going to print it out for my journal. So, you are enjoying your snow fall. Your FB photos are lovely.
rebecca said…
every word a firm step in divine love.
yes, just to us come!
thank you meri-i loved this offering so very much.
Gillena Cox said…
indeed, she know best the image we need for acceptance

much love...

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