Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 9

A bust of Mary, her nose chipped, 
sits in Anado's studio
waiting for her chance to join
in some work of art
yet to be created.


Lea said…
Oh how I loved visiting that studio again! Thank you for whisking me back there and evoking in me a wondering of how someone will re-imagine her, chip and all, into something new... its lovely to see you Meri and visit here again!
J C said…
Seems Mary is always waiting, in some way or another.
Anonymous said…
How I would love to see that studio. Each object I see I imagine being re-created into something else--even the wine bottle.
Would we have the patience to wait that Mary had?
Gillena Cox said…
Our patient gentle Mary, thanks for sharing

much love...
rebecca said…
like mother like son-baby jesus waits with his chipped nose too!
i love love love that we have a well of shared inspiring memories together!!!
Annie Jeffries said…
I love to collect imperfect statues of Mary. Whether through constant, loving handling or just simple neglect, something of her always survives.

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