Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 5

Think what an amazing world this would be

if we did all things
with great love.

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click HERE.


J C said…
It would be an amazing world indeed!
rebecca said…
YES! a great and abiding love!
thank you meri -many of us it seems have moved our attention and time away from creating blog posts, sharing these twelve days in an outpouring of mother love is so refreshing! i am enjoying this rekindling of blog friendships. starting the day sharing light and love-always welcome!
Gillena Cox said…
Surely an absolutely beautiful world

much love...
gma said…
Oh Meri, This is wonderful. Writing this comment with love.
Anonymous said…
What Rebecca said. I loved blogging so much for so many years but in this rapidly changing electronic world, more and more social media grabs attention. So glad to reconnect with you here. How are things in Washington?
Yes, just imagine what our world would be like if everyone did everything with love!
Annie Jeffries said…
Yes, love and compassion are the answer.

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