Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 4

I'm joining Rebecca's
12 Days of Mother Love,
her homage to the energy of the Divine Feminine,
personified in the Christian tradition by
the Virgin Mary.

I'm thinking about mothers a lot today.
My mother would have officially turned 90 today.
She died on Labor Day, so she didn't quite make it.

She had that "Mother Love" energy, though.
Here's to you, Mom.

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rebecca said…
dearest meri,
i love that you have dedicated your beautiful image of mary holding a single rose to your mother and her place in your heart. i chose "mother love" as we walk these twelve days of december toward the feast day of the virgin of guadalupe to broaden awareness of both "mother" and "mother love". my heart is with the water protectors who are standing strong in peace and prayer at standing rock. such an outpouring of courage and respect for mother earth and all generations to come, water is life!
"mother love" which is the embodiment of respect, compassion, and dedication to the highest and best good of everyone; the important word being everyone. time to set out all the chairs in the house of belonging!
thank you for being here meri and shining your love light!
Gillena Cox said…
This is really nice the example of the perfect mother's heart promoted and the tribute of love to your mother

Have a good Sunday

Much love...
Nonnie said…
beautiful, Meri- thank you for sharing your motherly love
J C said…
How sweet is your tribute. Your mom would/does love it!
Anonymous said…
Meri, I am so excited to see you here. A late friend of mine introduced me to Rebecca's December meme, but you are responsible for my love of Polyvore. This is your first big holiday without your mom, but death does not end a relationship. Lovely tribute to her.
Your mother would love this tribute, I'm sure. In fact, she probably IS loving it!

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