Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 8

Is it because women are generally seen as more


that we've brought representations of 
the Divine Feminine
into our lives?

Or is it that instinctively
we search for balance, for inclusion,
for female heroes
to complement the Father God 
of the Jewish tradition
and the God-like son of the Christian tradition?

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Annie Jeffries said…
Good questions, Meri. I believe it is both and all. She is human perfection, an example for us all to follow. Blessed Advent to you.
Oh, I see Mary of the Bathtub in Anado's yard! And all the other Marys are wondrous as well!
gma said…
Great collage of Mary love.
Anonymous said…
Excellent questions for all of us to ponder, Meri. I know these are photos of your trip to Mexico with Rebecca. They are very inspiring and I love how they all have a blue cast. Very ethereal.
rebecca said…
dear friend,
thank you for a extra helping of mary love!
I went looking for your Day 9 post, and found...nothing. ("The page you are looking for does not exist.") I hope you can restore it. I'm eager to see your offering!

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