Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 6

attitude of sweet repose
her blessings rain down on us
sainted mother love


Gillena Cox said…
yes indeed we continue to be rewarded blessings, those of us who honour her

Have a nice Tuesday

much love...
J C said…
We have only to open our hearts to receive the blessings. This is lovely.
I love this photo, for it reflects the colorfulness of Mexico!
gma said…
The lighting on her is lovely.
rebecca said…
thank you for sharing a gorgeous mary that was captured on a trip to san miguel that we shared together! fond bright colourful memories;
so grateful for our time together!
Anonymous said…
So beautiful, Meri. And then I see in Rebecca's comment that you have traveled with her. Hope you are feeling better and better each day.
Nonnie said…
beautifully written, Meri

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