Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 11

Our Lady of Indigenous Peoples --  © 2016 MeriMagic on

When I think of Our Lady,
I think of hope.

Of compassion.

Of miracles manifesting in unlikely places.

Her image appears in many guises:
on a grilled cheese sandwich,
in colors of a plate glass window,
in the billow of a cloud.
Any place that people are moved 
to look with their hearts.

When I think of Mary,
I think of all the indigenous peoples,
converted to Catholicism by missionaries
(and not always willingly),
who found in the Divine Mother
a source of comfort,
a connection to the fertile earth,
to birth and death,
to the connective force that women represent.

When I contemplate this image of Our Lady,
I imagine her meditating. . .
gathering strength to support all those who lean on her
because she seems more approachable than God.

I suspect that she is creating a blueprint
in her mind of a world at peace,
where there is enough for all,
where Earth is cherished and protected,
where we act on our knowledge 
that we are connected to everything,
that we are part of the all there is.

Let her vision become yours.
And today, do what you can
to make it so. 

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Gillena Cox said…
this is lovely, your words are uplifting and inspiring

have a joyous Sunday

much love...
Anonymous said…
Ah, the Polyvore set is so ethereal. I love your poem, too. It really makes me think. It's back to the basics. You are a very fine writer as well as an artist.
We all need an approachable Someone...

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