Twelve Days of Mother Love: December 12

I think that Mother Mary
as an older woman
was an activist for justice
a crusader for peace

didn't take no for an answer
when only a yes would do

ate spoons full of pomegranate seeds
danced in the moonlight
wove flowers in her hair
and slathered honey into wounds

she was a healer
a teacher
not altogether tame

she was a woman
with fire in her belly.

A woman for all times.
A woman for our time.


The woman you describe sounds just like Dorothy Day, the late great saint of the Catholic Worker movement. Merry Christmas, Meri!
Anonymous said…
I love your poem describing Mary as an older woman. In Kusadasi, Turkey, near Ephesus, there is a lovely house called The House of Mary. Supposedly John oversaw her aging process and looked after her. You probably know this story of a nun who had visions of all of this. I've visited there and was deeply moved. But, thanks to you, I will envision her as you describe her in your poem. I rarely write on the blog anymore either, but I'm glad we both did during these 12 days. Merry Christmas, Meri.
Gillena Cox said…
Thanks for your lovely post today and another year of Good mother sentiments

Happy Holidays

much love...
Lea said…
Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this Meri! Thank you!
J C said…
Then Mary was certainly an awesome woman, in more ways than one.
rebecca said…
dearest meri,
i think you know how deeply i love each word and how your image completely takes my breath wonderful to rekindle our mary love-and share time together! these twelve days have been such a comfort. thank you my beautiful friend. xo

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