Not Much to Say

I've been writing up a storm
the past few days. I thought
for certain I'd have lots to say
in my blog post today,
but no such luck.

There are several new poems,
but they're all pretty long
so I hesitate to post them.

Instead, after I'd looked at
what blog friends were doing,
I headed out on a field trip
to enjoy the sunshine.

Sometimes images say things
better than words. 


they're worth a thousand words! lovely!
Jeannie said…

beautiful colours...
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

images such as these don't need words...

happy days
Lovely, Meri. beautiful pictures as always.
Martin said…
These images are pure poetry in themselves, Meri.
beth said…
perfect.....words and whispers can wait.
Anonymous said…
your images are a gift today. thank you!
Joanna said…
The last photo is just lovely.
steven said…
i love the third picture. it steps away from one kind of perfection and creates its own version. steven
Yes the bottom picture is pure magic, it gives the flower its own universe to live in.
joshi daniel said…
beautiful flowers to make ones day!
ELK said…
ah yes this is so very special..each one

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