A Woman of Few Words

So for today, when I'm indulging myself
in workshops to jumpstart my writing urge,
I'll leave you with three words.




Life is grand!


steven said…
and very simply beautiful! cool picture. steven
Kat Mortensen said…
Like the image, Meri; it is so cool, in the true sense of the word. I also like the words - rather a mantra, I think.

pink dogwood said…
Beautiful - Life indeed is grand.
Sam Brightwell said…
great colours, Meri.
it's an interesting composition too. I can't quite work out what or where it is. I like it when a photo puzzles me a little bit.
Is this your first post for the August Break?
Naquillity said…
yes, life is grand. and that photo is wonderful. have a great day.
EG CameraGirl said…
A workshop sounds wonderful. Have fun!
rebecca said…
how i have missed you...everyone for that matter.
head down and closing in on A U.
i promise to rise above the flames.

kt said…
the photo is so vibrant and with the words a perfect match.
will said…
I've mused and reflected my entire life ... whether life is grand is debatable.
deb did it said…
gorgeous colors....such a lovely comforting post

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