A Cure for What Ails You

If you're in need of a five-minute break,
a journey of pure relaxation,
I've got a cure for what ails you.

It's my new You-Tube video,
a presentation featuring photos
from my book Shooting Spree. 

Sit back and soak in
these ordinary, but sacred, moments.

I hope you enjoy it. 



Elisabeth said…
This is amazing, Meri. What a way to escape he world's woes.
Wonderful Meri - the truest form of poetry for me! The editing is amazing. Have I not been paying attention - is your book on your sidebar? Congrats on the book and the video!!!
steven said…
meri doesn't it blow you away to think of all that is contained in this five minute film. all the tiny beautiful fascinating moments and then to think about the whole of your life and all the tiny beautiful fascinating moments you've experienced! thanks for sharing this. steven
Eryl said…
That really was a lovely five minutes, I may have to come back just before bed time I'm sure my dreams will be sweeter for it.
Thank you, Meri. I had had a rather strange day and this was almost a sacred moment of relaxation after it. Lovely.
Delwyn said…
Thank you Meri

what a lot of work and love has gone into this presentation...it is your passion and your gift...

Happy days
deb did it said…
Meri...this is so lovely. perfect music matched with beautiful photos!
A.Smith said…
Cautiously visiting some blogs, love to come here first. You take me to places I cannot go right now and I am grateful for that in ways hard to express. Your friendship is so dear to me and your spirit is a breeze of fresh creativity that opens the windows of the soul to let the aches fly away and suddenly everything is possible again. Indeed.
Numinosity said…
So soothing and a pleasure of imagery. Thanks, how did you know I needed calming?
xoxo Kim
podso said…
Absolutely beautiful and yes, very relaxing! Thanks for commenting on my blog which led me to here!
Carol said…
Enjoyed it immensely, the photo's and the music! Well done! You are very talented!
Just what I needed! That was truly relaxing and beautiful!
Naquillity said…
i'm so in love with this. you've done such a great job. congrats on your book. have a great night.
Relyn Lawson said…
WOW!!!! You are amazing, my friend. Amazing. So talented!!
a much needed deep breath. yes. thank you.


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